Monday, March 3, 2008

Been Busy...

Sorry I haven't blogged in a few days, my bean and I have been real busy. First off, we have openned an account through IGive By clicking the link and signing up for an IGive account, IGive will donate a portion of the money you spend to Moki. The cool thing about IGive is that it is full of stores that you normally shop at anyway, such as "Barnes and Noble," "Dr. Fosters and Smith," "Best Buy," Home Depot," and so on.

Our second exciting announcment is that we have openned a Cafe Press Store Now you can help support Moki by shopping directly at his Cafe Press store. (More items will be coming to the store soon, so check back often.)

Finally, we have created a second website, Stop by and check it out. The new website contains a wealth of information on feline health. Are you prepared for an emergency? How up to date are you on animal first aid? Do you know how to properly move an injured animal, or how to splint an animals leg? How about CPR? Find the answers to these commonly asked questions and so much more!


felinesopher said...

hi Moki, long time no see fella...often to check upon you how have you been lately. Thank God you're fine:)
same too, been building to a new site especially furr Meaouwy Troops at
Finally, they managed to convince Felinesopher for a special blog furr themselves;) Check us out fella!
Wish u all d best in health & spirit. Hope you can find additional ways to help furr your medication cost...

See ya around

Junior said...

I wish Meowm could shop online but hse doesn't have one of those plastic thingies! Maybe we can send a donation purrty soon!

Good to see you checking in!