Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday's Scratching Post

Recently we requested help locating a scratching post for Moki.
(This is an older picture of the scratching post which was taken when Orange Boy was a kitten.)

After posting the picture below, we received many inquires...

Many of you wrote to us inquiring if the scratching post shown in the picture above, was a new replacement post.

The answer to that question, is no.

Being that we have seven cats total, we tend to have many scratching posts located throughout the house.

Moki, of course has access to all of the scratching posts, as do all our cats, however Moki tends to sleep at the bottom of these scratching posts, which could indicate why he prefers not to scratch them???

So with that said, we are still trying to locate another small scratching post, identical to the one Orange Boy is shown playing on in the first picture. Should we be unable to find one, we will definitely consider recarpeting the one we have here...but all in all would prefer just to buy another, that is if we can find one.

Now in regards to holding another jewelry auction...Our first auction didn't generate much attention and received only three bids, (the auction itself, raised a total of $30.00 for Momma Laura.) As a result we decided to hold off on doing another auction for a little while, and try generating some money for Momma Laura and Moki, through paid postings. We have signed up for a couple of services and will see how it goes. If we can generate $100.00 in the next month through paid postings then we will continue to use paid posting services to help out Momma Laura and Moki, however if after a month we find that we are not generating any income through the paid postings, then we will hold another jewelry auction for Momma Laura and Moki.

Now for some exciting news. Lisa over at Cat Scratchings wrote a lovely piece on Moki. We first meet Lisa through EntreCard and would now like to introduce her and her blog to all of our friends who may as of yet, not know her. If you get a chance please stop by her blog, introduce yourself and read the lovely piece she wrote about Moki!


Babs (Beetle) said...

I wish I could help but I've never seen a scratching post like that.

I do hope you find one.

Purrs, Sukie X

Fruity said...

Interesting nice cats you got. Hope you will be able to raise more

Lisa said...

I think this is the type of post you are looking for

They are called Claw Pals Cat Trees.

felinesopher said...

waowie...a post to claws;) hope you find it soon furr dear Moki;
Meaouwy Troops really love to make the furnitures at home as a claw creation of art:) hmm...

felinesopher said...

btw, all Meaouwy Troops members have gone to sleep now & it's 2 am now and mommy still online too at YM, check it out if you're mommy too:)

and mommy got a new look at her blog, perhaps any insights? will be our pleasure to see all our friends there:)especially to muse about mysticism around cats;)

The Cat Realm said...

We don't know anything about scratching post as we use the railing of the outside stairs, the trees, and the furniture. Can we somehow help with the paid posting by doing something?

Poppy Q said...

Good luck with the scratching post Moki. I am going to send some green dollars to you right now, I know every dollar helps. My mum saved my treat money for a month, so I has only been having a couple of week, instead of every day.

Have a good week friend.

Poppy Q

Junior said...

Meowm says she is so sorry she couldn't bid on that bracelet as it was very lovely. She had promised some green papers to another project and just couldn't do both. She does hope to sees some more of your lovely jewelry up for bidding though.