Sunday, November 2, 2008

Catching Up...

"Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day, teach him how to fish and he'll eat forever." - unknown

As many of you know, momma bean is a huge supporter/believer in higher education. For her, the above quote couldn't ring more true...She is currently trying to transfer into a four year college, and complete her degree. Needless to say, she hasn't had a great deal of time to blog, or keep up with blogs, for me lately...

With that said, we are currently trying to catch up with everyone and everything we missed in the CB over the course of the last week. There are many raffles and auctions being held to help sick kitties in need, and we wanted to tell you about a few. The first one is the Gizzy Quilt Raffle (Gizzy Quilt shown above) being held by KC. The Gizzy Quilt Raffle, is being held to benefit, Criz Cats, Beau and Moki.
Many of you are probably aware of the problems being faced by Criz Cats. If you are not, please click on his name above to find out more. Beau's mom has been recently faced with a number of medical bills, and now faces the additional challenge of trying to cover the cost of Beau's yearly medical bills. She therefore could use a little help. As for Moki, we have thus far raised a total of $284.00 to help cover the future costs of his physical therapy. This will cover approximately three physical therapy treatments and a bit of Moki's medicine. At this point we don't want to stop and start Moki's physical therapy treatments, so we are going to try to raise enough money to cover the cost of two additional treatments ($140) before starting physical therapy again. This will allow us to hopefully keep Moki in physical therapy, uninterrupted, for a few weeks, while we raise additional funds to cover the ongoing cost.
With all of that said, we would like to help draw some attention to two other auctions, one which is being held by Beau, who's mom, despite all that she has going on, hand crafted the lovely bracelet and earring set, shown below, to try and help raise money for Criz Cats. If you would like to help out Criz Cats, please stop by Beau's blog to bid on this awesome jewelery set. We personally love the colors and think that these pieces would make a perfect addition to any thanksgiving or Christmas outfit.

The kind folks at Artsy Catsy, also put together an awesome fundrasier. They will be donating 20% of the sale proceeds, from select items to both Beau and myself. The proceeds will also go towards helping Callie. So please stop by and check out all that Artsy Catsy has to offer when you get a chance...

Thank you so much to all of you who have shown your continued support throughout all of this. Once momma bean has completed her degree ("learned how to fish,") she will be able to absorb the full cost of Moki's medical treatments/needs, and will then be in a place to "pay it forward," and carry on the kindness and help she has received from so many of you!


Dr Tweety of da Fab Five said...

We haz missed vizitin' dis summer, but now we hopes to vizit at leastee once a week.
We sure hopes dat you & your momee can realize your dreamz & good health care fur you.
Delilah iz still hazzin' seizurez too, but we tink dey are just petit mal... we are tryin' to keeps her off dat vally-yum if we can.
We will keep up wit our purrzez fur you & Criz & Callie.

Dr Tweety

GRRRETA said...

Helping Moki is such a wonderful cause. He's a very lucky kitty to have you looking out for him and finding ways to help him get better.

ML said...

I am also a huge believer in higher education. It changes your life in a way few things can.
FYI, Moki's Mom, Crystal, made an A on her math final during this week she was offline. Isn't that great.
She is going to do very well in her new studies.

Niko and Cloud said...

We are proud of your Momma, Moki. Our Momma is going to school while working too, and knows it is furry hard.
We giffed you an award, too.

Junior said...

Those are lovely items!

Tesla & Hansel said...

we hopes mommehs blankies will halp yoo git sum new monies!