Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Veteran's Day

Today we would like to remember the fallen, their families and all those who have served to protect our freedoms. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your sacrifice.
On a different note, Moki's UTI has continued to get worse. He is peeing almost solid blood now. We spoke with his vet today and changed his medication in hopes of seeing some signs of improvement. The problem is, we have been through all of the liquid medications used to treat feline UTI's in the past, and Clindamycin (the one we are now taking Moki off of,) has been the only medication that we have found which works. Moki however appears to have built up a tolerance to the Clindamycin, so now we are back to square one. There are a few medications which come in pill form, that we have not yet tried. (Both the vet and I fear that with Moki's thoracic inlet problem and coughing, he may not be able to swallow a pill, and that giving him one, poses to many possible complications.) So with that said, we decided to give Clavamox another shot. We will use the Clavamox on a temporary basis, hope that it clears up the current UTI, then after awhile switch him back to the Clindamycin and hope that in time it will start to work again.
To complicate matters further, Sissy appears to be near the end. I will be making an appointment later on in the week, to get the vets opinion on if he thinks it is indeed time to lay her to rest. (This is of course if she lasts that long.) A second tumor has started to grow under Sissy's chin, and lately it appears to be causing her to have trouble breathing. Over the last couple of days, Sissy has been breathing mostly through her mouth. She is still walking around, eating and drinking. It is mostly Sissy's breathing at this point that concerns me. We have known for months that Sissy has been slowly dying from an inoperable tumor, but did not want to put her down until she indicated that it was time. I think over the past couple of days she has been telling us that that time is near...
On a happier note, momma bean received her acceptance letter to the four year college which she had applied to not that long ago. She is officially in! Now all that remains is figuring out the financial aid!


Forever Foster said...

Moki sweetheart we are purring like crazy for you. You are such a fighter, and an inspiration to all of us. Sometimes when our mum is feeling tired of things, she will think of you, and know that if you can keep charging on, she can too. We are purring and praying for Sissy, and for your family.

Congratulations to your mum! We can tell how hard she has been working, and she has done so well!:)

Niko and Cloud said...

As for the pills and Moki's UTI, couldn't you just have one of those pill form ones compounded for him? Or maybe something that comes in injectable form?

We are purring furry hard for him. Also we are purring for Sissy. Tumors stink--Texie had one under his chin too that made him breath really loud and it made the beans not able to sleep well, they were so worried about him all the time.

Concatulations on getting accepted into collidge!

Anonymous said...

Moki isn't easy, is he? We hope the Clavamox works. We are purring for Sissy. She will tell you when it is her time to go to the Bridge.

Congratulations on being accepted and best of luck to getting financial aid lined up.

Steppa and her Babys +Lover Guy said...

sweety iam so sorry to know all the pain you ust be going thrue looking at your fure babys being sick i lst my Ducke to the same thing as your sissy has and he came to me and told me when it was time DI you get the email i send u about 4 wk ago about the baby in iceland she had the same thing as Moky but they found out BEFOR it was to late she was a ALLERGY to samthing in food

Little Big Man said...

If Moki has trouble swallowing you can have his medicine compounded and then you just rub it into their ears. My sisters cat will NOT take any pills so she gets his medicine compounded and it works great. Good Luck . . . We LOVE you Moki.
And we is so sorry to here about Sissy, it's just so sad all around.
Purrs and extra Headbutts to you all.

Babs (Beetle) said...

Poor Moki. I hope you can get his medication sorted out soon.

We are sorry about Sissy too.

Purrs, Sukie x

-d ma said...

the boyz and i will say a prayer for both sissy and moki. congrats to your mom...

Junior said...

Oh man......Can you smash the pills and give them to Moki with food or water?

We are sorry things are so tough right now. We will purr and purr for all of you.

We are sending out hugs and gentle headbutts to all of you as well.

Junior, Orion and Meowm

felinesopher said...

we miss you a lot dear Moki and the whole gang... our mommy got a new job recently & our tiny brother Zoju just recovered from unknown virus attack, sadly before that, our masseur kitty, Brutum, had gone due to illness and she managed to escape somehow....

we keep continue to purr & pray for you dear fella

take care,
meaouwy troops

Anonymous said...

My heart is breaking for you and your babies.

Shadow / Molly said...

We is purrin fer yoo both Sissy and Moki!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We're glad you had some good news. Looks like you're in for a lot of studying. But we're sure you'll do great.

It's sad about Sissy. And about Moki's persistent UTI. We know you will do whatever is best for each of them.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

oh Moki! This stinks you are sick. I am sorry we didn't know before, my beans have been gone.

We will turn our purr and prayer buttons on extra extra high that your medicines work and you start feeling better right now.

We are also sad to read about Sissy. This must be a very hard time for you all. puuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrsssssssss

Southbay Girl said...

Moki and family, Thank you so very much for your kind and caring words! It's horrible to lose a furry family member!!!

Thank you for caring!!

Kodak, 3 Perf, Blossom, Mom Penny and Angel Winton

Tesla & Hansel said...

we are sorry mom can't be with you during this hard time with sissy. They always let you know. WE want to be with you so you're not alone. Take us with you in your heart.

Also, please email us your address- we can send you a holiday card.


thank you so much for thinking of tesla during our hard time! We're still not completely better, but we're on the right track! thank you so much!

Charlemagne and Tamar said...

Oh dear. Poor Moki. We hope that the change of medicine works for you and that you are able to get rid of that nasty old infection.

Sissy, our purrs and thoughts are with you and your family. They love you so very much.

Charlemagne and Tamar

Beethoven said...

I'm purring for everyone!
Well, teleport over for some fun this Saturday if you can, you're invited over on Saturday! Here's the invitation!

ML said...

Hi Moki.
I tagged you for an Eight Things about Me Meme.
See my bloggie for Fractious Friday!
Faith Boomerang

Parker said...

We send our love and we are so sorry that Moki is having a hard time and we are so sad about Sissy. You are in our prayers.
Smoochies to your Momma about college!

Everycat said...

I'm so sorry to read that Sissy is not doing well. I know that you will do right by her as you are such a good cat Mom. Poor Moki, these UTIs are horrid. I hope he can be helped by the Clindamycin.

Sending you love and rumbly purrs
Whicky Wuudler