Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Purrs for Beau - Moki goes to vet

We are joining in on the round of purrs for our friend Beau who has not eatten or drinken anything since yesterday. Beau has also been throwing up for days on end now, and his mommie Cathy is very worried about him. Beau and Cathy will be going to the vet this afternoon, for what we hope and pray is good news!
_______Moki Update________
Moki's temperature has continued to remain low. This morning it was back down to 97.3. We are currently trying to warm him back up again. In addition to Moki's low temperature, he has not had much of a desire to drink anything. This has been going on for days now, with Moki only drinking limited amounts of water, and finally as of last night refusing to drink any water at all. Thus mom began the process of forcing water down him. Just to be certain that Moki does not become dehydrated on top of everything else he is going through, we have an appointment with our regular vet this afternoon (we canceled tomorrow's appointment with the ER vet) so that a recheck can be done, fluids administered and we can purchase a bag of sub q fluids to take home, should we need them over the holiday. We will update every one again this evening after Moki's appointment which is at 4:00.
The biggest of purrs, headbutts and thanks to all of you for everything that you do!
We just learned that Poppy Q wants to join in helping raise money for Moki's medical bills. This year, for every Christmas card that Poppy Q mails, she will donate $3.00 to Moki's medical fund. To learn more about how you can exchange Christmas cards with Poppy Q and help raise money for Moki while doing so, please visit Poppy Q's blog.
Thank you so very, very much Poppy Q! God bless your heart, and the hearts of all of those who have expressed their love and care for Moki.


Anonymous said...

We hope Beau is OK. We hope Moki's temp comes back up. Poor little fella. We are purring our hearts out for you!

Tun Tun said...

mew Moki. Mummy and I sending extra special healing to keep you warm and help you to drink. We wuv you Moki. MEW!!!

Heading over to visit Beau's blog-poor little fellow.

Furkidsmom said...

We're back on the nap pile for Moki. We sure wish they could figure out what's wrong with him. We're Purring for Beau too.

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

possumlady said...

We're hoping that when Moki gets some sub q water, it'll make him feel better. I know my kitties who have had it perk right up and start drinking again! I'm sure the vet will make sure the fluid is warmed? Don't want to give Moki chilly fluids!

Dana said...

Moki we are sending warm purrs your way, buddy!!!
~The Creek Cats~

Tesla and Hansel said...

We are purrin fur beau, an really really werried bout Moki's temp. Please let us know when yoo know anyfin.

dannigirl said...

Moki -
I'm one of your friends on Catster and I'm usurping my mom's blog to come comment. My fur-mily is purrraying for you.

Have you thought of doing a fundraiser on Catster? I think it's called a Catster HeadQuarter Approved Fundraiser. A kitty named Muppet was Cat Diary of the Day and did this fundraiser and he was able to get lots of money for his bills. Maybe your Momma Bean would be interested in doing that for you.

I hope you get better soon.


Derby said...

Here to snuggle for a while, plus lets lap up some of this nice water. You gotta put stuff in so stuff comes out!

MoMo said...

Dear Moki,
Thankyou so much for thinking of me when you are so sick yourself. I am continuing to purr for you, now that I am purring once again, and hope that you will pull through as I did.

Forty Paws said...

Hang in there Moki! Good luck with the V-E-T appointment today!

Luf, Us