Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tamiflu: Panleukopenia, Pavro and Moki's Virus

Well it's now officially three days into the Tamiflu, so I thought I'd give you a little update. So far there has been a marked improvement in Moki's chest congestion. Over the past few days Moki has been coughing and has had a deep chest rumble (the kind of sound you hear when a human has bronchitis,) well, the congestion and sound have both improved quite drastically. They are both still there but Moki is coughing much less, and the sound is much quieter, so I think things are starting to break up. Moki's runny/stuffy nose is now almost completely gone, and he is breathing much easier. In turn Moki's appetite has picked up and he is now eating small quantities of dry food several times a day. Moki normally loves to eat wet food in the mornings, but as of right now still isn't quite up to eating it since his nose despite being much better, still remains some what stuffy/runny. As for Moki's energy level, it has definitely picked up. He's alert and playful. A fly got into the house sometime this afternoon and Moki believed it was his job to catch it. Believe it or not, he actually succeeded, but in the end, the fly got away when he lifted up his paw to take a big chomp at it. (Moki: "Darn Fly...")

So for now, since things appear to be working, we are going to continue down our current path. As those of you who have been following Moki's blog for some time may be aware, the doctor's originally suspected that Moki suffered from either Panluekopenia (distemper; otherwise known as the feline version of the Parvo virus. Turns out he didn't and the Parvo snap test came back negative...) or Cerebellar Hypoplasia, (which after his MRI has since been ruled out and, ) which in most cases, is the result of a kitten being born to a mother who has Panleukopenia. So with the above ruled out, why mention them again? The answer is simple. Moki's virus causes Moki to suffer from very similar symptoms as the Panleukopenia virus. While not the Panleukopenia virus itself, I have been able to make some very surprising connections to Moki's virus, Tamiflu and success rates being reported by private practices and shelters in their use of Tamiflu to treat both the Panleukopenia and Pavro viruses.

Now at this point I must say that the veterinary community is very divided when it comes to the topic of using Tamiflu to treat viruses like Moki's, or Panleukopenia, or Parvo virus for that matter. For starters there really hasn't been enough published research on the topic. Add to that the fact, that no one seems to understand quite why Tamiflu would work to treat these viruses, when other drugs have little to no effect, (remember that Tamiflu was not created to treat these conditions, but was instead developed to treat certain strains of the flu virus,) and we start to understand why some doctors hesitate to use the drug to treat these conditions. There is however one doctor that I found who is conducting research (or at least was according to the latest information I could find.)

With that said, momma bean has tracked down the doctor's contact information. Why did she bother to do this? Well, his research may help us to understand Moki's condition better. Further if the doctor is willing to look at Moki's case, it may aid in the doctors understanding of how Tamiflu works when used to treat viruses like Moki's, Panleukopenia or Parvo. At the moment I can't say for certain that this will actually lead any where, but it is definately worth a shot. After Moki's most recent round of illness, momma bean has furthered her resolve to figure Moki's illness out. The answers are out there some where, it's just a matter of putting together the pieces of the puzzle...

-----On A Seperate Note------

We wanted to let those of you who may be unaware known about the auctions Deb and ML are holding to help out with Moki's medical bills.

Deb and ML are raffling off the beautiful jewelry set shown above! This set would make a perfect Valentine's Day gift for those of you who may be interested. In addition to the jewelry raffle, Deb and ML are also auctioning off many wonderful cat themed items. So if you haven't already done so, and you get a chance stop by their blog. There are many cute items are your participation will help to benefit Moki.


mog said...

That's very good news that his URI is improving and that he's eating and playful.

And the news about this doctor conducting research sounds promising. Hoping he'll see Moki and can help.


Mog and Meowza

Forever Foster said...

We are so thankful that Moki has such a determined, tenacious family, ready to fight and work alongside him. You are a miracle for him:)

Way to go, Moki, on catching that fly! Flies can be tricky, and we often miss them.

Thankyou for your words about Dancer. The kindness of our friends helps mum, she doesn't feel as alone.

Fisher said...

My people and little brother Wart and me are all pulling for Moki! The news is sounding better and will hopefully be a huge help to others as well. Best of luck!

Karen Jo said...

I am very happy that Moki is getting over his chest congestion and runny nose. It's good news that he is eating more. I was very interested to read about the possibility that Tamiflu may also help with Moki's virus. I hope that the research doctor will look at Moki and that he can help you find the solution to Moki's virus.

Furkidsmom said...

We're so glad to read about Moki's progress. We really hope that the Tamiflu works it's magic and that Moki is better soon. Thanks for the update.

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

Hansel said...

wanted to check in and see how he was doing before i up and went for work.

First off- the ornament came earlier this week- and it was great! the girl loved it! And she appreciated everything.

second- We've entered BOTH the raffle & the auction.

third- we're so happy that the tamiflu is working so well! and aren't fluids great! they can do so much for the patient! i hope moki continues to be on the right path!

-d ma said...

so happy to see moki is getting a little better. that's interesting about tamiflu.

-d ma said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DEBRA said...

*woo hoo*
We are so delighted to learn that Moki is improving and we hope that the tamiflu can help unlock the reason why.


Cliff and Olivia said...

Keep getting better!

castle diva said...

We're soooo happy to hear that Moki is improving and hope the tamiflu will continue to help.

Thank you for dropping by our blog and updating us. We know how busy you are and realize that taking care of a sick kitty can be exhausting.

We'll keep on purring for all of you!!!


Ms. P, Cinza and their servant

Daisy said...

I'm glad the Tamiflu is helping! We have also discovered that sometimes, for complicated/mysterious illnesses, it really pays to do your own research.

ps: the special delivery is scheduled to arrive on Monday by UPS!

Katie and Da Katz said...

Keep fighting Moki!

I just know that auction will really help!

Still in our Purrz,

Katie and Katie Kitty Too.

MoMo said...

So happy to hear that Moki is getting a bit better and responding to treatment. We feel so sorry for the poor mite having to go through so much. Keeping up the purrs for the little fighter!

Lisa said...

Haven't heard of the Tamiflu being used on cats, but I have on dogs and when used early enough in the illness it seems to help save the animal. I'm so glad to hear Moki is feeling better!

Poppy Q said...

I am glad our little buddy is feeling a bit frisky.

Crystal when our puss angel was sick, we syringed water into her mouth. She didn't like it at first, but after a couple of trys she quite enjoyed getting some extra slurps, especially when she was too week to get up and down to her bowl.

You are an angel for looking after sweet Moki. Give him and Orange boy a pat from us.

Julie and Poppy Q

Junior said...

We are so very glad that you are feeling better Moki!!!! We will continue purring for you to feel 100% better and for a cure for your long-term illness. We will also say some purrs for your beans and siblings....cause they are wonderful!!!

Boy n Beethoven said...

I is so happy Moki is doing better!
Yay! I is dancing in joy! Purrrrsss...


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