Friday, April 3, 2009

The Doctors Responce: Moki, Tamiflu and his Thoracic Inlet

So mommie bean left a message asking Moki's regular vet to call her because she was concerned about his retiring and had a few questions she wanted to ask him. When Moki's doctor returned her call, he laughed at momma and said, "I am retiring not dying..." He is such a great vet! He assured momma bean that his brother was going to be practicing for a number of years yet, and that I can always contact him, (despite the distance,) since he knows that we feel equally as comfortable with his brother. He also made some recommendations for other vets in the area who he thought might be good with Moki. I explained what happened with the new doctor he sold the practice too, and he totally agreed with momma that the new vet he sold the practice too was not the right vet for Moki. He also assured momma that he would be practicing for awhile yet, on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays while he transitions out of the practice altogether. He could not however give momma an exact date as to when his transition out of the practice would be complete.

Momma bean and the doctor discussed everything that has been going on with Moki and why she brought Moki in to see the new vet, (Moki's bloodwork results came back normal, by the way...) and in the end, Momma bean and the doctor decided to put Moki back on the Tamiflu. (He has been off it since Sunday.) Per the advice of Moki's regular vet when momma bean picked up Moki's prescription for sub-q-fluids last week, momma bean searched Canadian pharmacies to see if she could find a pharmacy in Canada who could compound the prescription for her cheaper. While she did find it is cheaper to get Moki's medicine compounded in Canada, she also learned that Tamiflu comes in a suspended formula (meaning that it comes in a powdered formula which needs to be mixed with water in order to create liquid version of the drug,) which she could purchase just down the street for the same price she could purchase the drug for in Canada. While momma bean has always opted for a compounded version of the medication because of Moki's thoracic inlet problems, she did not know that she could purchase the drug in a suspended version, so she decided to give it a try. After mentioning the suspended verision to Moki's doctor, and how it could be purchased at Long's, Moki's regular vet called over to the pharmacy and momma bean picked up the prescription earlier today. Momma bean did run into one slight problem in that the pharmacy had already suspended the medication, meaning that the bottle is now only good for up to 10 days. In the future momma bean is going to ask that Moki's doctor tell the pharmacy not to mix the medicine for us. The reason why is that when the pharmacy mixes the drug with water, they mix the whole bottle which means that half of the bottle goes to waste and in the long run costs us more money. However if the pharmacy will sell us the powder unmixed, (which they do do in Canada,) momma bean can mix smaller portions of the drug with water, so that none of the drug gets wasted. (As a powdered formula, the medication is good for up to almost a year. Once mixed with water the medication is only good for 10 days.) By buying Tamiflu in a suspended version, we only spend $57.85 (with tax) per bottle, versus buying it compounded at $108.00 (with tax) per bottle. If we can suspend the medication ourselves, then Moki's medication will only cost us $57.85 per month versus $108.00 per month (the compound version lasts up to a month, not sure why...) Hope your the end, if we can get Tamiflu in an unmixed (powder only) suspended version, we can save approximately $50.15 on Moki's medical costs...I am praying that all makes sense to

In addition to putting Moki back on the Tamiflu, Moki's doctor and momma bean both agreed that another x-ray should be taken of Moki's thoracic inlet soon. We need to take a look at his thoracic inlet to see if it is continuing to move upward towards his spine, which may explain Moki's cough and not wanting to drink. It's hard to say, what exactly is going on until we can get another look at his thoracic inlet and rule further movement of it out as a possible cause. For those of you who do not remember, or are new to Moki's blog, you can check out the prior x-rays taken of Moki's inlet on his catster page just click here (to spot Moki's thoracic inlet just look at the bone structure above Moki's elbow in the first x-ray, and then the bone structure directly above his leg in the second x-ray and you will spot a noticable curve, which is his thoracic inlet moving upwards towards his spine.) We are thus going to keep the donation button going for awhile yet, with all future donations going towards a thoracic inlet x-ray fund. So that is where we stand at the moment. Momma beans own schedule is going to be super-duper crazy these next three months, with momma bean taking a communications class, art history class, algebra class, and two anthropology classes, on a quarter basis. Once she gets through this quarter though, it's off to the teacher program, with a much lighter schedule for the remaining two years, while she finishes up her B.A. and earns her teaching degree. In the mean time, momma and daddy beans are taking shifts, so as not to leave Moki alone for extended periods of time. We have our schedules currently worked out so that Moki is not left alone for more than an hour or two at most on any given day. Momma bean will continue to stop by and visit everyone when she can, and will write a more personalized thank you message to all those who donate as time permits throughout the quarter. Please know that if she doesn't get around to sending you a personal thank you right away, it is not because your donation is not appericated. In fact we couldn't appericate it more or say how much everyone's kindness means to us, be it a purr, prayer, well wish or donation, we want to thank everyone for every thing they have done, and for their assistance which enables us to keep providing Moki with the medical care and attention he needs.


The Creek Cats said...

Purrs, hugs, headbonks, and kisses!! Purraying you get well soon, Moki!

Kaz's Cats said...

That's a whole lot of good news in one big post. It was so good to read that Moki can still see his old v-e-t, and that he was able to help so much. Great that you found out about the Tamiflu and buying it in a powdered formula. We'll keep on purring and purraying for Moki to stay well,


Gypsy & Tasha & Karen (Mum)

mog said...

I agree, lots of good news. Still the Tamiflu is expensive any way you look at it. Hope Moki won't need it often.

Was interested in Moki's thoracic inlet problem so did a Google search on "thoracic inlet cat" and got this post as the fourth entry. Hopefully, another x-ray will help explain Moki's problems.


Miz Mog and Meowza

PinkynAsh said...

We're glad to hear the good news that Moki can see his old vet.That one you posted about before sounded pretty bad. Purrs for Moki, and love too.

possumlady said...

Lots of hopeful news here! Yay! I have the same problem with the liquid antibiotics my vet gives me. Most of the time they give me the box and I take it home and add water and refrigerate. Last week they gave me it in the box again, I dropped of my cat at home and went to work. Coming home later that evening I took the box out of my purse and realized they had already added the water so the antibiotic hadn't been refrigerated for 9 hours! Grrr!

Daisy said...

You are such a wonderful advocate for Moki! He's in the best hands in the world to care for him.

Ray(He ain't Right) said...

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Ray(He ain't Right) said...

Sorry to be a bother, but I thought all you kittyfolk out there would be interested in
This is Oona's blog page- she too speaks of her care provider and her antics on occasion on a first cat basis. She also speaks to her Net friend Ray(He ain't Right) who happens to be a studly raccoon.
Goofy yes-but good, healthy, refreshing coonverstaion we all need once in a while.
Annie (former care provider for Ray(HaR) and upright,two-legger aunt of Oona)

Cats of Wildcat Woods said...

Glad to hear things are mostly back on track with Moki. Bless you all for how much loving care you give him. He is one lucky cat and I am sure he knows it! More purrs and prayers....

Sweet Praline said...

Thank you so much for the update on MOki.

My mom said to tell your mom that she received her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction in Secondary Mathematics. Once she graduated, she became a college professor and worked with future and inservice math teachers.

The Island Cats said...

We continue to purr for Moki...

Hansel said...

Oh Moki we hope that the cheaper stuff is better for you! Money is getting better for mom- now that bills are out of the way we should be able to send you some green papers soon. Also- we would love it if you would allow us to buy you sub q fluids!

Btw, how is bella doing? Haven't heard much on her blog- hope all is well!

Hansel said...

O an i lefted yoo an Awardie Right Here!

Charlemagne and Tamar said...

We're so glad to hear that you'll be able to see your regular vet for a while longer and that he'll help with finding a new vet, suitable for you.

Keep fighting the good fight, Moki and we're glad to see that you are doing better.

Charlemagne and Tamar

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