Monday, January 3, 2011

A Chipin Account For Danielle's Cancer Fund

Hi Everyone. This is Danielle. Danielle is being fostered by Moki's physical rehab therapist at Scout's House, Debbie. Danielle was rescued by the Bay Area Rescue Keeshonden. She was in pretty bad shape when they rescued her and they thought that she had a foxtail stuck in her nose but it turned out that it was actually a tumor. Debbie, Danielle and the Bay Area Rescue Keeshonden could really use some help covering Danielle's medical cost so I have set up a Chipin account for them. If you can Chipin even a dollar that would be fantastic.

The Bay Area Rescue Keeshonden is a 501c3 organization so donations made to the Chipin account are tax deductable. You can learn more about Danielle and the Bay Area Rescue Keeshonden by visiting the below link:

Thanks everyone!


Brian said...

Danielle looks like such a sweetie pie, we will share a few green papers. Thanks for helping. Love ya Moki!

Debbie said...

Dear Moki and all of Moki's friends,

Thank you SOOO much for all of your help for Danielle! I just picked her up from her final radiation treatment. The staff awarded her the cutest "graduation" bandanna, and she looks adorable! The oncologist is very pleased with how well she's doing!

She's feeling GREAT! Very bouncy and happy and enjoying life. She's gobbling several meals a day and is actually gaining weight. What a difference from having to syringe feed her just 3 weeks ago! I'm thrilled to see her feeling so good again.

We can't thank you enough for your kind donations and all the good wishes! You're angels!