Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ha ha I showed my mommy...

She took me to the doctors today to get my cough checked out, and I poo pooed all over her sweatshirt, and all over the doctors table, I even managed to knock some poo poo into my mommy's pocket without her noticing, which she found later on. A big fat piece! I think I showed her who's boss. Next time she'll think twice before taking me back to the man in the white coat!!!

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felinesopher said...

dear Moki, you're beloved mommy human is so patient and caring furr you, please next time when you wanna show off your poo wait 'till where you find the right place as your poo should belong to;)
If you feelin' any better, come visit me at http://felinesophy.blogspot.com to cheer you up a little bit:)
See ya!