Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Special Needs Part 2 - Litter Box

For Moki using the litter box poses a unique challenge. As you can see from the begining of this video, Moki starts to shake from side to side when either urinating or passing a bowel movement. Fortunately, the shaking when Moki urinates is improving. Unfortunately, we have not seem much improvement in Moki's shaking when he passes a bowel movement. Under either circumstance, Moki cannot use a litter box by himself. We therefore have to place Moki inside a litter box approximately four times throughout the day. (Note, the shaking does seem to stop when Moki actually urinates. The shaking does not stop however when Moki passes a bowel movement.)


Time has allowed us to develop a routine. We place Moki is the litter box every morning, after we awake. We then place him in the litter box again around noon, depending on who is home for lunch, or who can get home. We place him in the litter box a third time around 6:00 and finally again sometime between 10:00 and midnight depending on what time we go to bed. (Moki always sleeps in our bed with us, so this is his potty break before bedtime. Because of his disability, he cannot crawl in or out of the bed, so if he wants down during the middle of the night, which most of the time he does around 3:00 a.m., he wakes me by meowing, and I place him on the floor.)

Moki's problem in using the litter box, lies in his shaking. He is completely aware of where the litter box is, and how to use it. He even tries to dig a hole in the litter, when he is placed inside the box. However, he can only manage to dig a whole in the litter, or use the litter box for that matter if you hold him up inside the box. (He cannot dig a hole like normal cats, to cover his own waste, his holes usually amount to only a few soft brushes of the litter with his front paw, but he trys and thats what counts!)

If no one is around to assist Moki in using the litter box, he will walk over to where the litter box is located. He will then lay down on a towel located around the litter box, on his side, lift his leg up and use the bathroom that way. (He always goes on the towel by the litter box.) Unfortunately, this usually creates quite a mess, because Moki has a hard time standing up again, and usually rows over or steps in his own waste (hence we always have to clean him up, if we are not around to put him in the litter box.)

It was kind of hard to shoot this video while holding Moki up at the same time, so if anyone has any questions, just leave them in the comments section and I will anwser them tomorrow.



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eliwagar said...

Hi, I just wanted to tell you that you are doing an AMAZING job with depest respect for caring so much! I run a German cat-blog and wanted to ask, if I could write a report about Moki. I would be really happy if you allowed me to use some of the videos and Pictures of moki, too. I think here in Germany are many people who´s English is not quite good enough to read about Moki - so I think a German article could help! You find my Site unter - but, ell, it´s German. I would be happy to get an E-Mail (!!!

Nice greetings Eli and her furry bunch

Adan*Michico said...

You are really really grand for doing this to Moki~! I am so touching~!!! And I am very admiring that Moki could using litterbox so well, truly!!!! I impressed!!!! So so touching!!!!

jane said...

That's interesting that Moki's shaking is improving (and stopping) when he is actually urinating. I wonder if an improvement in his muscle tone is allowing the nerve signals to travel more smoothly?

But what a sweetie, trying to dig himself a little hole :D

Parker said...

Hi Moki! I am so glad that your Mom and Dad take such wonderful care of you! I give you a lot of credit for trying so hard!

Poppy Q said...

Moki what a good mom and dad you have for helping you out in the bathroom business.

Good job for using the towel if there is no one around to help you out.

Riley & Tiki said...

Moki is very lucky to have such a great Mom & Dad.

Instead of towels, have you tried pee pads? They should be less messy. We get them in the grocery store (we use them to line the carrier now, but they worked great to keep the bed dry when Vincent Who Came Before was sick). The grocery store ones made for humans are cheaper than the pet store puppy peed pads. They are located near the adult diapers.

felinesopher said...

Moki's mommy and daddy so patient in handling his toilet stuff, great job:)

Moki do understand what to do as a good cat with this stuff despite of his condition. Perhaps you could find an easy way for both of you to do this, especially when humans are not around...pee pads a good choice I think.

So it's a kind of hard I guess if both of you are doing traveling for days and Moki surely needs a special cat-sitter who can understand his entire conditions.

btw, has Moki ever being bully by other cat members in your house, well you know when we have several cats in our home-they love to play fight or making jokes one to another, hehehe.... or perhaps if others would like to play with him, how does Moki response?

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Moki is such a sweetie and he is fortunate to have such a dedicated and loving family to help him.

The Cat Realm said...

That Moki is such a wonderful cat! And you are such wonderful humans to be so supportive!!!! We do hope so that the Doctors maybe can figure out his disease and help him!!!!! I think we missed to get the latest information on what's going on with him.... We have been a bit out of the visiting loop, sorry......

Tiff said...

I have to say, that video ripped at my heart.
I went through a similar thing with my baby Calli cat, and it was heart wrenching.
You have no idea how many well wishes and happy thoughts I will be sending your and Mokis way.
Please give more some cuddles from me.
Tiff (Meg & Jacks mommy)

Chancy, Jake & Ernie's Voice said...

Hi Moki...we are so sad you have to go through this. You have a wonderful family who cares so much for you. We are in prayer mode for you.

PRAYERS & HUGS~ Chancy, Jake & Ernie's Voice

Willow said...

China Cat & I are so happy that you have such a wonderful mom and dad to help you take care of yourself! I hope that you have a Happy 1st Day of Spring today!

Purrrrrrrrrs, Willow

The Meowers from Missouri said...

hello, moki--thanks for worrying about us--we're still around; our mom's just had the flu an' was too tired to help us type.

looks like you have a wonderful mom & dad who are your lovin' support network!! you are a champ to let us peek into your life and learn the ways you do the efurryday stuff that we kitties hasta do.

we bless you an' your mom & dad efurryday, an' hopes you live a long an' improving life together. there's no question that it will be filled wif love!!

hugs from all the meowers!!

Chairman Mao said...

Oh, Moki -- you have such a sweet and wunnerful Mom and Dad who help you so much, and you are such a preshus and brave kitty, and you have a wunnerful and positive outlook on life. You and yur wunnerful fambly are an inspirashun to us all.

Sending love, and kittyhugs and purrs, too!

JB's Big World said...

You mom sounds so good and just like my mom. My mom nursed my sister Misty back to health after her kidney removal surgery!
We are so lucky to have mom's that love us so much!

Junior said...

You are so amazing Moki! And so are your beans! YOu just keep plugging along, doing as well as you can...and your beans just keep doing everything they can for you! Big hugs and gentle headbutts to all of you!

Karen Jo said...

You are doing a great job with Moki, helping him stand in the litter box and everything else you do for him. I really hope that the vet can find a way to help him.

Dr Tweety of da Fab Five said...

It iz lovely to meets you & your momee who iz helpin' you so much.
Da Delilah haz some siezurez too, but dey iz not az severe az what you are experiencin.'
We iz hopin' dats you will alwayz be in safe handz. & dat da L-O-V-E dat iz pourin' in to your heart will be healin' energieez dat you need.
Your frendz at da Fab Five, & Dr Tweety

Tara said...

Moki, I'm so proud of you, and your beans! You are an inspiration to all of us.

And yes, J is for Joy!


-d ma said...

Moki sounds like a real sweetheart. He's lucky he's found such a great home...

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Hi Moki! You are such a smart boy. You know what to do and you try so hard. You are a good Mancat.
Your beans are so wonderful and loving. It warms our hearts to know that there are people like them out there. Puuuuurrrrrrrrrrrs

Derby said...

Hi Moki! It was nice to meet you yesterday in the chat room. Amazing that your mum's boyfriend and my mum grew up in the same town!!

Cecil the Cougar: said...

Moki you are very luck to haf such good nurses! And you are a very good boy!!