Sunday, March 30, 2008

Walnut toxicology

After reading a comment we left for Momo about Walnut toxicology, Jan posed a very interesting question, we'd like to answer "[does walnut toxicology] apply to all nuts, such as pecans and acorns too?"

The answer to that would be, any nut which contains a husk aka shell, that can be cracked open when it falls from a tree, carries a risk of poisoning your outdoor family pet. Husks, aka shells from nuts which fall from trees, when left unattended during the rainy season can grow Penitrem A, which is a type of mold. While the husk aka shell itself is often not poisonous to your pet, the Penitrem A growing inside unattended husks aka shells can be. So in an effort to keep your family pet safe, it is best to always remove any type of nut which contains an outter shell aka husk, that has fallen to the ground, from your yard, before allowing your pet to go outdoors.

On that note, we would like to introduce you to an article written by UC Davis. This is a very good article, and we believe you may find it useful, when navigating the world of toxicology and your pet!

Now to answer a question posed by The Cat Realm, in regards to our "Recycle Your Used Electronics Drive." The Cat Realm was wondering how we where going to raise money to help kitties in need, by recycling used electronics. The answer is simple. We are working with a fundraising company called Phoneraiser. Phoneraiser is able to make a profit, and pass along part of the profit to us, by refurbishing some of the used electronics they receive. These electronics, once refurbished, are then reintroduced into the world market, in what is commonly known as "used," or refurbished condition. This process allows people the world over to obtain inexpensive forms of technology, many of which they may be unable to afford otherwise...

On a side note, everyone, inside and outside of the U.S. is welcomed to participate, as long as those located outside of the U.S. dont mind covering the shipping costs associated with sending the items into Phoneraiser. (Unfortunately, at this time Phoneraiser will only pay for the shipping of electronics inside of the U.S., they will however accept electronics from all over the world!)

Lastly, we would like to give you all an update on Moki. Moki's coughing has once again started to become more frequent. We are almost out of antibiotics to treat the cough, and will therefore be speaking with Moki's doctor tomorrow. Normally we would just pick up more medicine, but this time around, we think we may have to switch his prescription. We where well aware of the fact that Moki would eventually build up a tolerance to the medication he's been on, but we had hoped that we had a little more time, before having to make the switch...thus we are more than likely about to begin the process of trying to find a new medicine to treat Moki's cough which he will respond to. I will update everyone as to where we stand after I speak with Moki's doctor tomorrow!


Chairman Mao said...

Wowie, that sounds like a great thing, the drive to recycle the elecktronicks! And we Ballicai are sorry to hear that Moki's cough has beckome more freckquent. I hope you find a new meddicine soon that will help. Alla us Ballicai are sendin love and purrs!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Poor Moki! He's had such a tough time of it and he's so cute. We hope there isn't any problem getting him on another medication.

Thanks for posting the pharmacy link. Jan is really upset about the nut information because we dogs LOVE eating the acorns and pecans all over the yard and down the street where we walk Jan. (She's trying to track down a fall/winter problem for Buddy.) The link has some good information on it.

Anonymous said...

I am purring as hard as I can for sweet Moki! Good luck with the new medicine. I hope it helps him and is a smooth adjustment.

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Thanks for the ASPCA link to nuts. After reading that, they are not going to be allowed to eat nuts in the shell any more!

You said, "...animals survived for years in the wild, without our help, so they have a pretty good sense about what to eat and what not to eat."

Hmmm. You don't have a dog, do you? Dogs have very little sense about what goes into their stomachs. I have to barricade the cat pans or they become an all you can eat buffet. Buddy has been known to eat nuts in the shell until he vomits - and he has digestive problems. And the day of my mother's funeral, Samaritan ate 1/2 tube of zinc ointment and then (thankfully) vomited it up (unfortunately) all over the house.

Cats are more finicky about what they eat. Dogs will eat things that aren't even edible.

Appreciate the links.


JB's Big World said...

That is interesting about the nuts. I say, don't go outside to eat anything that is bad, like nuts.
I am sorry to hear Moki is coughing. Please let us know what the dr says.

THE ZOO said...

were sorry poor mokis still coughing. we hope whatever meds he switches to werk.
fanks fur the nuts info. owr woofers is soo finicky they barely eat anyfing. theys berry spoiled.

Rosie & Cheeto said...

oh my, were so sorry to hear Moki's coff is acting up again. We really really hope the VET is able to give some new meds that will werk.

And recycluling eleckrronics fur a grate cause is awesome. We gotta check out the link and start mailing evary single elektronik owr lady has around the house!

We don't know what nuts are, but we have heard owr lady say cheeto has no cheezenuts. That a gud thing cause we don't want any bad nuts here!

-d ma said...

good luck at the doctor...

that's really good information about the nuts too. i had never heard they were toxic to pets.

felinesopher said...

sorry...mommy bean been pretty busy lately with her relative's wedding stuff the whole weekend! e miss mommy...and now, she's gotta accompany her relatives from east java until wednesday to visit another relatives & sight seeing, they havent met furr 20 years! So mommy will be helping us online again on thursday morning (GMT +07.00 time)

Thx furr all the info, too bad furr the electronics things, cant afford the shipping cost, the best thing now is we're sending our healing purrs & purrayers furr Moki & all sick kitties....

cu around,
Meaouwy Troops

Tara said...

I'm sorry to hear about your cough Moki! I hope the next medicine works a little longer. And thanks for checking on my Dad, he is doing really well, although he, I love him anyway!


Adan*Michico said...

I am purring for Moki about his caughing will be recover soon!!! Sounds very scary!!!

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Moki, we are sorry to hear your cough is becoming more frequent again. We hope new medication will help.

Thank you for the important information of toxicology.

jane said...

Thanks for sharing the information on nuts and other poisons Moki. I hope you find a good medicine to sort out that cough of yours soon :)

Cecil the Cougar: said...

Fanks for the information. I am very sorry to hear about Moki's cough, but I am confident than Moki can overcome anything, and that you will find a medicine that works.

Sorry it took my Mommie so long to add a link to her website, but now you can see Moki on the home page of!!


Cecil the Cougar: said...

Sorry sorry, Mommie is making lots of updates to the website. Your linky will be back up by the end of the day, PROMISES!!