Thursday, July 3, 2008

Let The Raffle Begin!!!

Thanks to the generous nature of so many people, we where able to put the items now featured on Deb and ML's Auction Blog together, so that a second raffle could be held to benefit both Moki and Panther. ML despite not feeling well was so inspired by watching Moki's videos, that she was able to get the raffle up and running this afternoon. Thanks ML.

This raffle is really one of a kind. Amongst the many wonderful items being raffled off, are two books which have been autographed by their writers, thanking you personally for helping Moki. As many of you know Amy Shojai, one of the co-authors of "Chicken Soup For The Cat Lovers Soul," wrote a wonderful piece on Moki awhile back on the blog she authors for

Amy has now written one of two follow up pieces on Moki which can be found at the following web address: In addition to writing these two wonderful pieces on Moki, Amy has come to the rescue once again, by donating an autographed copy of her book, "Chicken Soup For The Cat Lovers Soul." Amy has been so wonderful and done so much for Moki that we ask that you please help us express our thanks. You can write to Amy personally at, learn more about her, or help us express our thanks by visiting her personal site at and signing her guest book.

In addition to the book donated by Amy, Quasi and his owner Steve have also donated an autographed copy of their book, "The World Is Your Litter Box." Both Steve and Quasi have personally autographed the book, as you can see from the above picture, expressing their thanks to the winner of the raffle for helping Moki out. Please help us express our thanks to both Quasi and Steve by visiting Quasi's blog and leaving them a wonderful thank you message. It was Quasi's offer of donating a copy of his book, that really got this raffle started!!!

Once again, you can find these and many other wonderful items being raffled off together on Deb and ML's Auction Blog, so be sure to check it out!!! (Due to the cost of transferring money back and forth between Paypal accounts, tickets for the raffle can be purchased directly through the raffle button located on our left hand side bar, however you will have to visit Deb and ML's auction blog to learn more exciting details about the raffle...) Let the fun begin!!!


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

It's a really great prize package, and the autographed books too? How sweet of them!

Mo said...

That is a super duper raffle!
We each bought a ticket!

Little Isis
Not The Mama, too!

Tyler said...

Oh we are very excited for Moki and you too Crystal! We're a purring that the job situation works out. And Moki your therapy sounds fantastic. We know that your walking will improve. Looking at how determined you are to walk across the room, you inspire my mom to tackle her challenges. Be well.

momsbusy said...

we just made a donation but forgots to put our blog name on the form. momsbusy is us at kazoku neko.

go moki go!!!


The Cat Realm said...

Wow, Moki, you have such wonderful friends! And you will be Famous, correcting ourselves: you ARE famous already! And you will be SWIMMING! We know - not really swimming but swimming therapy. That should be interesting - we wonder how you will like the water! We do not line it AT ALL! And we will certainly get raffle tickets, so let us know when it starts!
Karl and Mrs. OZ

George Online Cat said...

A wonderful and inspiring blog.

felinesopher said...

owww...very touching, we're so glad many friends help you dear Moki

keep the good therapy Moki, go Moki go :)

love & hugs,
meaouwy troops