Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Physical Therapy Consultation

Today was the big day. Moki had his physical therapy consultation, and from it, we have determined a course of action, which we believe will help improve Moki's ability to walk.

After filling out the typical new client paperwork, and discussing Moki's prior medical history, Moki and I where escorted into a small private office by both the Dr. (physical therapist) and R.V.T. Blankets had been laid out on the floor, and we placed Moki on them after removing him from his prisoner transport unit.
The consultation consisted of both the Physical Therapist and R.V.T. moving Moki's legs, so as to record his current ROM (range of motion.) Once the ROM had been recorded for all four of Moki's legs, the physical therapist tried to get Moki to walk so that he could examine his gait. Moki however refused to budge. He just laid on the floor taking in his surroundings. Fortunately, I had brought my camera, and still had the videos I recorded yesterday of Moki walking on it. By showing the physical therapist the videos I had recorded of Moki, I was able to provide him with a good idea of Moki's gait.

We discussed the possibility of putting braces on Moki's legs, but the physical therapist feels that braces would do more harm than good at this point, because Moki has such a limited ROM in his legs. With that said, we got to work developing a plan in which we both agree, holds the possibility of improving Moki's ROM (range of motion) and thereby his ability to walk. The physical therapist recommended a course of massage therapy preformed by the R.V.T., followed by swimming therapy treatments. Since I am a certified massage therapist amongst other things, I asked if the massage therapy was something I could work on with Moki at home. Given my background, the physical therapist agreed that I could preform the massage therapy at home, and recommended that I preform the massage therapy 30 mins prior to bringing Moki to his office for the swimming therapy. Normally, swimming therapy consists of placing an animal in a pool, but given Moki's small size, we thought it would be better to have his therapy preformed in a whirlpool (to learn more about whirlpool therapy click here.) So starting this Saturday Moki will begin his first whirlpool treatment. We hope to bring you more pictures then!!!

I tried to take a picture of the estimate given to us, but am not sure if you can actually read it. So I will break it down. The total cost of Moki's physical therapy will come to $700.00. This is made up of 10 separate treatments. Currently not counting Saturday's treatment, we have $150.00 set aside for physical therapy, this means that we need to raise a total of $550.00 in order for Moki to complete his treatment. In order to help us obtain this goal, another raffle is being held at Deb and ML's auction blog. This raffle contains some pretty special, awesome, autographed one of a kind items, so please stop by their blog to check it out. All proceeds from the raffle will benefit Moki's physical therapy and our friends at Criz Cats Sanctuary.


The start date of the raffle which will be held by Deb and ML on their auction blog has been postponed due to Deb having injured her leg, and ML being sick. Once Deb and ML start feeling better we will announce the beginning of the second raffle, so stay tuned. In the meantime, please send both Deb and ML healing thoughts. We hope they both start feeling better soon!


Criz Lai said...

Wow... that's a lot of money involved. What are chances of Moki being able to walk after 10 treatments? I hope you can get in more funds to let him have more treatments. Anyway, this is a good start for Moki. Moki! You can do it!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

We sure hope that the treatments always gets a little leaky eyed watching Moki try to walk. She has to remind herself that he's getting good care and that he has improved from not so long ago.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Oh, we almost forgot. We wanted to ask when Moki's MRI and CRF would be...

Moki said...

Hi Criz,

We will send you a more detailed answer via email, but wanted to answer you here as well for other people wondering about the cost...

$700.00 does seem kind of high, however in the area where we live, a regular vet appointment ranges from $45-$50. An emergency vet appointment runs about $100-105. An appointment with a specialist, Moki's neurologist for example, runs $75.00. Keeping that in mind, $700/10 appointments breaks down to $70.00 per appointment. All things considered while $700.00 is by no means cheap, it is not considered outrageous for the area in which we live. In someways I was actually surprised that the treatment costs wheren't higher, as sad as that sounds...although I must say they would be for most people living in the same area, since they would have to pay for the massage therapy in addition to whirlpool therapy. Fortunately this is one time I can honestly say that making the choice to go into massage school after high school actually paid


As for the chances of Moki being able to walk after the treatment, his progress will be recorded throughout the treatment to measure if his range of motion is improving. The pictures shown in the posting are actually the physical therapist and R.V.T. measuring how far and in which directions Moki can move his legs. Having these mesaurements will allow us to actually monitor his progress. We can pay for the therapy one treatment at a time, so if after a couple of treatments we are not showing any signs of improvement we can move on to plan B.


Jane said...

I think (hope) that the water therapy will help Moki hugely - Water Therapy has helped so many animals and humans with a wide range of problems. It's great that you can do the massage at home too. Sending you all best wishes for the best progress possible!

Kaz's Cats said...

Wow Moki, that all sounds pretty exciting - as cats we're not so sure about the whole water business, but Mum says that it can be very helpful, so here's to whatever works! It seems pretty expensive, but we'll help out if we can. We really want to see you walking around better little guy!

Purrs and gentle headbutts

Gypsy & Tasha

Junior said...

We will be hoping and purraying for tons of improvements for Moki!

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Thanks for letting us know how things went for Moki at the physical therapy assessment. We hope the massage therapy and the swimming therapy really help him out!

Gandalf & Grayson said...

We're rooting for you, Moki!

The Island Cats said...

Hi Moki! We hope these treatments help you. We specially like the idea of swimming therapy. You really have some special beans taking care of you.

Purrs and headbutts coming your way.

Wally, Ernie & Zoey

Forty Paws said...

Those therapy treatments sound very reasonable to us, based on living in DFW and dealing with all the animal specialists in this area. Best of luck to Moki in this latest chapter of his life!

Luf, Us

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Yes, your massage training is coming in very handy. And Moki will undoubtedly be happy to have the extra attention from you.

We send purrs and tail wags that all goes well!

Daisy said...

Go, Moki, go! I hope you enjoy your water therapy and it helps you a lot!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

lots and lots of purrs that this therapy will get you walking, running and pouncing again. purrrrrrrrrrrrs!

Mickey said...

It is good to know that treatment is possible.Moki is lucky to be around today and not 20 years ago!
Advances have come so far :) I will purr very hard so that Moki will benefit from this treatment.He is so lucky to have you too!!!!
Purrs Mickey

Beethoven said...

Wow! Swimming! Moki! You're going to have so much fun! I hope they all helps you walk better!

ML said...

Awww, Moki looks so sweet in the photos. And a cat having swimming therapy. That should be something to see.
Just wanted to mention we are not having the raffle this week... at least not right now. Deb is still injured and off her feet and I have caught some kind of bug and am really sick.
We've had two very generous donations of baby Squillion kittens and woofies, plus some rare ADULT squillions.
As soon as I can get the gorgeous raffle basket of items posted, the auction will begin.
I've got some great items of my own to contribute. All brand new, relatively inexpensive and sort of unique, which will make great gifts if you can part with it.
OK, I'm going to go rest some more, just had to check in on little Moki.

Kellie The Orange Cat said...

Oh, I am so excited by the prospect of Moki being able to walk a bit better!

Moki, it looked like you were being very good and patient at your appointment : )

I saw somewhere in the cat blogosphere another cat that received water therapy in the bathtub at home - I wish I could remember who it was.

Kavan said...

I'm keeping my paws crossed for you Moki, looks like you have a plan of action!