Monday, December 22, 2008

Moki Blue PJ's

Hi everyone! Sorry momma bean hasn't let me post much this last week. She has been super busy helping take care of a number of kitties and trying to get things ready for Christmas! Hence our absence...

Well lot's has happened since our last posting. ML and Charley sent me the super cute blue pj's I am wearing in the above and below pictures. The pj's couldn't be more perfect and I love them to death. Orange Boy wanted to try them on, but I said no way!

As for my health status, my nasty UTI has returned! I am now peeing blood again...momma bean has an appointment set up to take me into the doctor's office tomorrow, so we should know a little bit more about my health status then, (i.e., have I gained any weight or continued to lose it, and is my temp now back up to normal, or is it still on the low side?) I have been eating like a horse, and drinking lots for my momma and daddy, so hopefully I have put on some weight...

Most of the money has come in from the auctions and raffles, so momma bean is now working with ML to try and figure out what remains, so the money can be sent out to Misty, Billy Sweet Feets, Beau, and Criz Cats. Hopefully we can get the figures sorted out soon and send the money on it's way. As for the funds raised for me, they will be going towards tomorrow's doctor appointment, and any new medications I might need. Thank you so very much to everyone who participated. We hope to get a more official thank you out after Christmas.
Many of you have expressed a desire to make a donation to Bella to help with her everyday medical costs as well, so we are going to put back up the donation button for Bella. (You can find it at the end of this post.) Gail the lady who rescued Bella, called me the other day to check in on her while she is away and I told her the fantastic news about Bella getting a cart. Gail was very touched and moved and would like to thank each one of you personally who helped make this possible when she returns from her trip. Moki and I would like to thank you as well.

Gail doesn't know much about using a computer, other than how to check her email, so momma bean volunteered to set up a blog for Bella and teach Gail how to use it, so that we can all keep up to date on Bella once she returns home. Many of you have called me an angel or a saint for watching Bella and for helping to share her story so that we could get her a cart, and while I thank you for that, I have to be honest, and humble myself by saying that Gail is the real saint here...

Bella requires an insane amount of care which Gail provides everyday. In the week that she has been with us, I can honestly say that it take 2 1/2 hours a day just to keep Bella going. Every morning, Bella has to be placed in a carrier. Her bedding and toys then have to be picked up and placed in the wash. Her food dishes removed and cleaned. Once everything is off the floor, the floor then has to be cleaned and disinfected. (While Bella does wear washable diapers, the whole for the tail is too big on the diapers, and her constant dragging of her back legs at night, sometimes causes the diapers to slip off.) Once the floor has been mopped, cleaned and disinfected, clean bedding and toys are then laid down. Her food bowls are then cleaned, refilled and laid down as well. Now that Bella's environment is clean, Bella herself has to be cleaned up as well. This means giving Bella a bath. (This normally has to be done in the morning and again at night.) Once Bella is clean, she then has to be dried off, given her medicine, and placed in a clean diaper. The process is repeated again at night because of Bella special needs... Gail of course does this daily out of the goodness of her own heart, and pays for the cost out of her own pocket. If ever there was a saint, it would be Gail.

There are a few additional things which would make both Gail and Bella's life easier. The first would be to raise enough money to cover the cost of corrective surgery. At least one vet in the area believes that he can preform corrective surgery and save one of Bella's back legs. This surgery would give Bella full use of at least one of her back legs. (The second leg cannot be fixed.) I believe it may be possible to fix Bella's incontinence problem as well, with corrective surgery. I have advised Gail to take Bella to UC Davis to see if this maybe some thing they can do. If it is possible then it would be best to do both surgeries at once, but first we need to get an estimate of the cost.
On a day to day basis, pet diaper suspenders, would help to solve the problem of Bella's diaper coming off at night due to the dragging. (Unfortunately Bella cannot remain in a wheelchair 24 hrs a day 7 days a week, so until her leg can be fixed, and possibly the incontinence problem as well,) pet diaper suspenders would help to make Gail's job a lot easier, since they would allow Bella to keep her diapers on despite the dragging. Next would be a case of Peepers disposable pet diapers made to work with the suspenders. The disposable Peepers pet diapers have smaller tail holes, and therefore when used with the suspenders would make accidents less likely to happen. The final thing that Bella could really use to help make her life a little easier is *efa HyLyt Shampoo. We purchased a bottle of this special shampoo from the physical therapy office for Moki, and have been using it on Bella. The physical therapy office uses it on all their clients because the shampoo is soap-free and hypoallergenic. Due to the number of times Bella has to be bathed a day, she really needs a special shampoo to keep from developing dermatological problems. Of course one bottle goes awfully quick when you are being bathed twice a day!

(All donations made using the Paypal button located above, will go directly into a medical fund to help get Bella the things she needs. Thank you to everyone who has taken an interest in Bella and thank you to everyone who continues to purr and pray for our sweet little Moki!)


Cats and Dogs Naturally said...

Sorry to hear Moki is not feeling well again. Bella is so lucky indeed to have both you and Gail to help her plus all the folks who donated to raise money. This is what the holiday season is about - helping others! I do hope that Bella can have surgery. It looks like one of her legs works a little. Is it her pelvis that is damaged?
Have a wonderful Christmas and much love to all.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Oh, not again. Little Moki is having such a rough time. We hope the vet visit goes well tomorrow and you learn something that will help him get better.

Bella is so cute. We can see in the video that she does use one leg a bit to help steer and push off, if nothing else. It would be great if she could have surgery to give her use of one leg and correct her bladder problem.

We can't imagine how Gail does all that daily. Or how you fit it all into your already full days.

Bella appears to be a happy little kitty. And Moki looks adorable in his little blue pajamas.

Parker said...

Oh Moki, I am sorry that your UTI is back. We will try to help a little this week!
Smooches to sweet Moki and the rest of your family!

Kellie The Orange Cat said...

Thank God there are people like you and Gail that are so helpful and caring. It makes my eyes leak.

Moki, please feel better soon - I hope you have at least gained some weight. Be well sweet friend.

Tesla and Hansel said...

First- still waiting for the ornaments to arrive!

Second- bella seems like a sweetheart.

I have hylyt shampoo for tes & hans- we carry it at the clinic. Let me see how much the bottles are at work- i think they're cheaper. But i can't remember. I just buy that because of the hypoallergenic thing.

(i like the smell too which is always a plus!)

We'll see how things are going- but hopefully once bills are squared away, i'll be able to start donating again!

meemsnyc said...

Moki's new blue pajamas are so adorable. We hope the UTI goes away quickly. Bella is adorable as well.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Oh Moki, dat darn UTI just won't give yoo a break. We sure hope it can be cleared up and gotten rid of once and for all. Bless Gail for caring for Bella and yoor mom for stepping in so she can get a break. And for volunteering to teach her about blogging so we can all see Bella's progress! By the way, there is a kitty who looks like yoo and one dat looks like Orange Boy in da colony...der names are Popper, because he doesn't so much jump up as he pops up, and Mandrin (for mandarin orange). Yes, each cat has their own name and it's written on their piksher.

Karen Jo said...

Moki, I sure hope that you can whip that nasty UTI once and for all. You look adorable in your blue pajamas. Gail is wonderful for all she does for Bella. I hope that Bella can get corrective surgery, so she can use one of her back legs and become continent again.

Daisy said...

Moki, you look adorable in your blue jammies! I am sad that your UTI is back, but I think the fact that you are eating and drinking well is a good sign.

I am so happy that Bella is going to get her cart! It would be awesome if Gail could start a blog for Bella. I would love to follow her progress.

Happy Holidays and please feel better soon.

Skitto, Peanut and Chyanne said...

Moki we loves your pjs, tell bella we say have a wonderfurr Christmas and your humans too.

Black Cat said...

I'm so sorry your UTI is back Moki and I hope the vet can sort it out for you once and for all. Great news about Bella's cart too! I think Gail will have a very pleasant surprise when she comes home:) She and your Mom bean are saints.

I've given you an award which I think is very suitable for you guys. Don't worry if you can't deal with it for yonks. I think we all know how much you have to do in your household!

I hope you all have a Happy Christmas and much better times in 2009:) xxx

-d ma said...

moki looks dashing in his pjs. bella looks very sweet. thanks for the card!

Alasandra said...

We love your blue pj's Moki, you look adorable in them.

We are so happy Bella got her cart for Christmas and we hopes she can have the surgery to make her better. We shall be purring for you both.

We are looking forward to seeing Bella's blog, it's really nice of your Mom to set it up for her.

Merry Christmas and lots of healing purrs ~Socks, Scylla & Charybdis