Monday, April 18, 2011

A Summary Of Newly Added Blog Features

While my bloggie is still a work in progress, I's would like to points out several new features which I's has added to helps making keeping up with and sharing me's story easier. Firstie we has a new menu at da toppie of da pagie. Da new menu will lets you's easily finds videos and pictures of me's, in addition to a link list which contains all sorts of health links for you's pets. Da menu also includes a link to me's new fundraiser page which now gives you da ability to sponsor me's medical treatments on either a one time basis or reoccuring monthly basis. Der also now be's a new commenting system so dat others and I can's replies directly to you's comments, and you now has da ability to shares my's bloggie posts on any one of a number of different social networking sites simply by clicking on da social networking buttons at da end of da posting... be's 1:30 in da morning so dat be's all dat we's has time for tonights...
luv's you always,

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