Friday, September 9, 2011

In Loving Memory Of Our Dear Friend Cathy

We don't post here very often but with our dear friend Cathy who was a huge part of this blog early on passing away earlier this week, we think it is only fitting to pay tribute to her here. Cathy forever touched our hearts and our souls and she will be sorely missed...
(Above graphic made by Cathy which forever sat in the sidebar of Beau's blog)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I is Moving

Hi everybuddy,

I justs wants to tells you alls dat I is moving to a new blog. Da new blog be's called The Wobbly Cat. Why is I moving you mays ask? I is moving cause as me's story grows it be's about so muchie mores dan just me's. Da new bloggie unlike dis one has been sets up so dat we's can shares more with you about special needs animals and da therapies, services etc used to treats dem. Der will also be's more people writting for da new bloggie so dat we's can bring you even more stories, information etc., from multiple perspectives. Of course we has one day sets asides on da new bloggie to shares all da latest information abouts me. It be's called "Moki Monday." With dat said, I hopie dat you's will stops by da new bloggie and subscribes to me's new RSS feed. I looks forward to seeing you's all there!

Luv Always You's Buddy,

P.S. I is no going to deletes dis bloggie I just will no be's posting here regularly in da future!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Physical Rehabilitation: Scout's House - Aug 5th 2011

Today I spent eight whole minutes on the water threadmill. I was so proud of myself.