Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Stoney Needs Help

Hi everyone, I would like to introduce you to Stoney. We met Stoney on and he desperately needs our help. Stoney has a really bad tooth infection. The abscess on Stoney's tooth "has made a hole in [his] cheek where pus leaks out." The side of Stoney's face has swollen up as a result of this and his third eyelid is now almost completely covering his whole eye as a result.
Stoney's owner has some pictures of what is going on with Stoney on his "ChipIn," website. (I felt the pictures where to graphic to post here and didn't want to upset any children who may be visiting Moki's blog.) At this time I do not know what the cost of Stoney's procedure will be, but I have asked Stoney's owner to please get a written estimate from Stoney's vet and post it to his ChipIn site. Stoney's infection looks really bad and he should be seen by a doctor immediately. As many of you are probably aware, infections such as Stoney's if left untreated, can spread throughout his whole body killing him in no time. If you would like to help Stoney get the medical attention he so desperately needs, please visit his ChipIn website to make a donation.
MRI Image Update:
On a different note, the disk with the MRI images came from UC Davis today. Unfortunately, the file folders contained no actual files, nor did the disk contain the special file reader need to view them. As a result, I had to contact UC Davis and ask that another disk please be sent. They informed me that sometimes this happens when writing a CD, and that they would send out a new one immediately. Unfortunately that means it will be a few more days before we can share all of the images with you. As for Moki's neurologist, we are still waiting to hear back from him. I left him a voice mail yesterday so I hope to hear back from him either sometime tonight or tomorrow.


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

poor Stoney! do you know if his people know about IMOM? They might be able to help with the costs.

ML said...

Robyn made an excellent list of resources and it is posted on the Cat Blogosphere.
Poor Stoney, that looks so painful.
Hopefully they will get an estimate tomorrow and folks can start helping with the payments.

B Carter said...

I'm afraid to go to Stoney's site and see the infection, I don't have a strong stomach. We'll definitely keep Stoney in our prayers and purrs.

On another note, we are so sorry to hear about Lucy; I'm sure she had a good time in this world with you as her adopted human.

snowforest said...

We iz furry sorry to learn about Stoney and purring for him ~ the list of resources on cat blogosphere is really vast and we hope that poor Stoney's humans can find some help from there..

Cats said...

SnowForest human: thank you for your kind words of support after the loss of our dear Forest ~ we appreciate it greatly and are sending all the best for Stoney as well as Moki..

Whicky Wuudler said...

Poor Stoney, that looks like one very serious infection. I hope his owners get a quote soon. Poor, poor fella must be in some big pain there.

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Oh poor Stoney. Why don't you have his Mommy email me. He needs to have that done ASAP and I can help!

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Oh poor Stoney. Why don't you have his Mommy email me. He needs to have that done ASAP and I can help!

Anonymous said...

Poor Stoney. I saw his story on Moki's website.

I was in a similar situation just after 4th of July. My dog had jumped our fence, and at some point during her venture, she hurt her leg really bad. I couldn't afford the up front vet payments, so I called around to several vet hospitals asking what I could do. One that I spoke to referred me to "carecredit". CareCredit is a personal line of credit for healthcare treatments and procedures for your entire family, including your pets. It works like a credit card but it has two advantages. It can only be used for healthcare services and you can get No Interest financing every time you use it.

I was very hesitant at first because my credit isn't the best, but I knew I was running out of options. I applied, and guess what, I was approved.

However, not all vets will take the CareCredit card, but on their website,, you can look up the hospitals in your area that will accept that type of payment.

It worked for me, hopefully for you too.

Take care,
Matt in Fairfield

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Oh, poor Stoney, He face looks very painful! It's terrible to have a sick animal and not enough funds to help him.

We're purring and praying for him.